"We started for fun, not knowing what we started. We didn’t think about what we started, we didn’t plan anything."

Axwell about Swedish House Mafia
mattbomerworld: are you from sweden?

Yesss I am :)

I’m going to tell you how this started because I remember it SO well.

I was 14 years old and it was february, and I was lying in my bed and reading a swedish fashion blog (chloe schuterman). She had been on a fashionshow (it was stockholms fashion week) and she posted a video where she and other celebrities were getting interviewed.

One of them was Axwell, and I was like oh he’s the Swedish House Mafia guy. And I googled him and started watched interviews of him, Steve and Seb. I got so obsessed, so I decided to create an Axwell fan blog. The same year in june, I tweeted him my this tumblr and he answered, and followed me and later asked for my email adress. I remember how happy I got and I called my friend and cried haha.

I remember how hard it was for me to not mix up Steve and Seb in the beggining haha, but ever since that day I’ve been following them constantly and I will always be a fan of them.

(Sorry for my misspellings, I’m super tired)

"You know that we came, you know that we raved, and that we loved you"

Axel Axwell Hedfors
thorbjornolsen: i also love your blog so fuckin much!

Thank you!!! all these messages are making me so happy, appericate it!! Love


This made my day THANK YOU SO MUCH